Filling Technology

Kestermann is your partner for fully automatic and semi-automatic filling systems. We believe it’s important to support you throughout the entire process,  from personal consultation, through installation, to maintenance. We offer a comprehensive service that includes any necessary repairs. Our reliability and German-made quality mean that we have been around for many years.

Different filling technologies

Filling technology/filling machines

There is no one-size-fits-all process for filling technology. Each process is adapted to the customer’s individual needs. Existing systems are easy to expand and modernise, so you benefit from a high level of flexibility. The aim is to fill the largest quantity of raw materials in the shortest possible time. This requires precise dosing.

To allow you to work as efficiently as possible, hygiene standards must also be high. As our systems are easy to clean, there is little downtime. The filling process is hygienic, so cleaning doesn’t take up much time.

Filling technology involves precise filling or dosing of liquid raw materials into containers or packs.

The filling process consists of filling, sealing the containers or packs and onward transport. Efficiency, flexibility, safety and a precise process are crucial. Filling protects the product at all times and also complies with all hygiene guidelines.

High-quality filling technology

Intuitive operation of the equipment enabled by innovative filling technology is another of our quality features. It’s the only way to ensure perfect filling. We only use high-quality materials, so you get a filling system made to German quality standards. All parts of the system are regularly checked to guarantee impenetrability of the raw materials.

Our filling technology satisfies the following requirements:


High dosing accuracy


Continuous operation


High operational reliability


Compact design

Semi-automatic filling technology

Semi-automatic filling technology involves calibrated and highly accurate filling of various raw materials. To ensure problem-free operation and minimise downtime, the valves are quick and easy to clean when it’s time to change the fill material. Another advantage is that the filling systems don’t take up much space, so the production area is quite small. Filling weight is set automatically, so you only need one person to operate the machine.

Automatic filling technology

Automatic filling technology involves filling, sealing and transporting containers, such as canisters, buckets or packs, fully automatically. Container labelling is also available as an option. Automated processes free up employees to perform other tasks during the filling process, increasing productivity.

Filling can also be calibrated in automatic filling technology. The valves are easy to clean, so you need to spend less time and effort on cleaning. The system is space-saving and also time-saving thanks to the automatic weight setting.